In our School,


·       We give God the first place in our lives and we begin our activities with a prayer.


·       We try to be friendly with one another in and out of school.


·       We respect the beauty of the school premises and we report any damage which we may observe.


·       We avoid dropping waste-paper, crumbs of food along the school verandahs, stairs or anywhere in the school premises, we make it a point to put it into the basket.


·       We strive to learn and observe good manners in school and outside.


·       We rise when any teacher, elder or visitor enters or passes through any room or place where we happen to be.


·       We are ready to share our talents and our things with those who are in need.


·       We share the work for the well-being of our school and humanity.


·       We make conscious efforts to be courteous and sportsman like with opposing teams and officials.



·       These traditions are small things in themselves and they cannot be forced upon since this would destroy their value. The desire to observe them must spring from within; only thus can one’s character be formed.