It was imperative that the Father of the Nation be immortalised--Thus Gandhinagar,  named  after Gandhiji, came into being.

It became the new capital of Gujarat-, a well planned city on the west bank of the Sabarmati, 26miles north east of Ahmedabad.

Sure it would need good Schools.  It was “a feather in the cap” of both the Jesuits and Apostolic Carmelites when the Government thought of calling them in to teach.  And so Xavier-Carmel was born in June 1970 with co-education, and Co-Principals –Fr.Charles Gomes S.J. and Sr.Loyola A.C – two schools functioning as one.

The Education Minister formally inaugurated the New Xavier-Carmel on June 15th 1970 in the Government School building in Sector 20. The influx of students was so great that in 1979 the ground floor of Mt. Carmel in Sector-21 had to be built. The Primary Classes of the joint Xavier Carmel School began functioning here. The Xavier-Carmel High School continued in Sec.20.

The school in Sector 21, unlike other schools of ours has octagonal shaped class rooms, the brain child of the famous architect Hasmukh Patel. He planned small garden plots in the passages inside the school open to the sky spaces. But  these plots had to be paved later and the spaces open to the sky had to be closed with glass.


Sr. Lira Morais A.C. was the last Co-Principal of the Xavier-Carmel High School. She had taken over from Sr. Maria Rosa who had succeeded Sr.Loyola.  As students kept increasing – we already had four sections in the school, one in English and three in Gujarati medium. –the need was felt to separate the two  schools; hence it was in June 1983 that Mount Carmel Primary School began as a separate school with  one section in English and two sections in Gujarati medium. For extra class rooms became an urgent necessity so additional class rooms on the ground floor and the First Floor was built. It was only in 1986 when the students in Mt. Carmel reached Std VIII that the Co-Principal together with one Sister who was on the High School Staff in the joint Xavier-Carmel High School, officially shifted to the separated Mount Carmel High School. In 1989 the first batch of Std X students appeared for the board examination and the results were 100%.