School Uniform

The School uniform is obligatory on all days. All pupils should present themselves in clean school uniform and be neatly dressed. For this purpose, the pupils must be provided with a sufficient number of uniforms. It is mandatory to attach name labels to all items of uniform such as sweater, water-bottle etc... .

Boys Uniform


I Card daily
Beige striped teri cotton half sleeved shirt with the school badge on the left side pocket.


Beige half pants upto std. IV. Beige full pants from Std. V to XII.


Black leather shoes and white socks (Hunter shoes, spike shoes or any fancy shoes are strictly forbidden)

Winter Kit

Navy Blue Sweater (N.B. Jackets are not allowed); Navy Blue Head Gear



No fancy haircut is allowed. Close hair cut is mandatory. Hair should not fall on the forehead.



Expensive wristwatches, chains, bracelets are taboo. They will be confiscated.


P.T. Uniform

class="cont-box"Stds. I to XII : Squad T Shirt, white track suit, white keds, white socks


Pinafore for Stds I to IV

Beige striped teri cotton pinafore with school badge on the left side


Salwar and kameez for stds V to XII

Beige striped teri cotton salwar and a half sleeved kameez with school badge on the left side.



Black leather shoes and white socks. (Hunter shoes, spike shoes or any fancy soes are strictly forbidden)



Girls with long hair will wear two plaits. Only black ribbons, bands or clips are allowed. No fancy clips, hair bands, hairpins are allowed. Fringe over the forehead is not permitted.


Winter Kit

Bright Red Sweater and bright red scarf. (N.B. Jackets are not allowed)




Fancy chains, bracelets, expensive watches earrings and nail polish are not allowed.


P.T. Uniform


For High School VIII - X White shirt, White skirt with box pleats and white canvas shoes


Identity Card


Compulsory for std. I to IV and X to XII