Irregular attendance, truancy, insubordination to teachers, habitual neglect of studies, indifference to school work and obscenity in word or act are sufficient reasons for suspension or dismissal of a pupil. However, before dismissal two warning cards will be issued to the pupil after which she/he will be officially dismissed/suspended. The warnings will be signed by the parents each time, failing which the pupil will not be allowed to attend classes.


Students entering the school on any day, for any purpose must be in full school uniform.


Care must be taken of all school property. Students must not write on the wall or on the furniture of carve name on woodwork. Any kind of damage done to school property must be made good by the parents of the guardian of the child.


Each student must look after his/her own possessions. The school is no responsible for the loss of any of the belongings.


Pupils should not leave their classroom during any period. They are strictly prohibited from going out of school premises during school hours as well as during recess.


Pupils should bring to the class all the necessary textbooks and note books as per the daily school time-table. Non-approved books, guides or magazines will be confiscated.


No collection of money for any purpose for any purpose whatsoever will be made without the previous permission of the Principal.



A pupil caught cheating during any examination may be debarred from subsequent examinations or be dismissed.