Parents are requested to co-operate with the school authorities in enforcing regularity and discipline. They will see that children leave their homes on time, and are punctual in school, that they prepare the home work given to them and are provided with the necessary books and stationary.


Parents must sign the remarks written by the teacher in his/her calendar.


Parents are expected to sign progress reports or any other similar documents when requested. Failure to do so may put their children to great inconvenience. They should also keep an eye on the attendance report. Particular attention should be paid to the uniform, which must be neat and clean.


Parents and guardians are not allowed to walk into the classroom of meet the teachers during school hours.


Private tuitions are totally banned. Our school strongly discourages private tuitions. The parents must instill the habit of self-study and regularity in reading. No employee will be allowed to tutor his or her student or any other students with remuneration.


Distribution of sweets and gifts on birthdays is not permitted in school. However, celebration of birthdays with the less fortunate brothers/sisters of the society is highly appreciated by contributing money or things for the welfare of the poor deserving students of the school.


Regular attendance is expected. The school will not permit a students to appear for the Final Examinations, if the student falls short of 75% attendance. This is applicable to all students from std. I to XII.

Student who fail to appear for any one of the examinations will not be eligible for the Merit Certificates.



Parents must notify the school in case of change in address or telephone numbers.